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The mission of Lark Enterprises, Inc. is to help individuals become self-reliant and integrated into the community through greater independence, choice, and opportunity.

Lark Works for You

Support Services

We believe that all people desire “everyday lives” based in communities and filled with work and social engagement. Our programs and services are designed to optimize opportunities for all people to reach the life they envision for themselves and/or their loved ones.

Business Services

Our business solutions are composed of Apparel Manufacturing, Screen Printing and Embroidery, Janitorial Services, Kitting, Recycling, Staffing/ Auto Detailing, and UPS Shipping Outlet.

Lark creates employment choices for people with diverse abilities in a meaningful and integrated approach, to maximize independence and choice.

With over 65 years of experience partnering with local, regional, and national companies for high-quality products and services. Our Cut and Sew capabilities include ANSI safety wear which we have provided throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Our Screen Printing and Embroidery capabilities include: cotton, polyester, twill, leather, and canvas apparel as well as other merchandise such as umbrellas, tote bags, towels, and blankets.

In addition to Lark's Apparel Manufacturing Department, we offer the following business capabilities: Manufacturing including Assembling and Kitting, Janitorial Services, Recycling Services, and Staffing.

Lark expands upon the concept of Employment First, "real jobs, real wages" by creating social enterprises, looking towards the future of 51% owned and operated by people with diverse abilities

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