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2023-2024 Board of Directors


Roger Zallon- President

Patty Germanski- First Vice President

Mary Hoffman- Second Vice President

Dennis Alduk- Secretary

Charolette Bollinger- Treasurer

Ryan Long- Counsel

Justin Bruce- Immediate Past President


Bob Borella

Robert Christoff

Janice Himes

Fran Manfredi

Anthony Mastrangelo

Greg Measel

Jack Seltzer

Executive Leadership

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Program Leadership

Brett Beshero, B.F.A

Screen Print Trainer & Customer Service Specialist


Brian Less, B.S.

Coordinator of Production and Community Support

Chris Johnston, A.A.

Manager of Business Development

Christian Sumner, A.A.S.

I.T. /Clerical

David Guido

Coordinator of Fiscal Services

Phyllis Johnston, B.S.

Coordinator of Special Projects


Sharon Bissell

Coordinator of Production and Community Support


Shelby Pflugh, B.A.

Coordinator of Apparel Design and Manufacturing


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