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Behavior Support


Lark’s Behavior Support is both a direct and indirect service that includes a comprehensive assessment in order to develop strategies to support you, your staff, parents, and caregivers. Applied Behavior Analysis is utilized to determine the basis for behavior and to create a plan of interventions to help you eliminate the behavior in question.

Behavior Support services include two levels to reflect your needs. Level 2 support is for individuals who demonstrate complex needs, including regression or lack of adequate progress with Level 1 support or is considered to be at high risk for decreased stability in the absence of Level 2 support.

Behavior Support services include the development of an initial behavioral support plan by your Behavioral Specialist and ongoing behavioral support.


The Behavioral Specialist will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the behavior and its causes and an analysis of the assessment findings in order to create an appropriate behavioral support plan;

  • Collaborate with you, your family and your service plan team for the purpose of developing a behavior support plan that includes positive practices and least restrictive interventions.

  • Develop a behavioral support plan that is consistent with the outcomes identified in your service plan, within 60 days of the authorized start date of the Behavioral Support service.

  • Develop a crisis intervention plan that will identify how crisis intervention support will be available to you, how the Supports Coordinator and other appropriate service providers will be kept informed of the antecedents of challenging behavior, and the interventions/procedures that are most effective to de-escalate the challenging behaviors.

  • Upon completion of the support plan, meet with you, your Supports Coordinator, your family members, providers and employers to explain the behavioral support plan and the crisis intervention plan to ensure everyone understands and approves of the plan.

Ongoing Behavior Support can occur both before and after the completion of the behavioral support plan.

Ongoing Behavior Support includes the following:

  • Collection and evaluation of data;

  • Conducting comprehensive functional assessments of issues;

  • Updating and maintaining your behavior support plan;

  • Development of a fade plan;

  • Conducting training and support for the implementation of the behavior support plan for you, your family members, staff and caregivers.

  • Implementation of activities and strategies in your behavior support plan.

    • Providing you with direct behavior support;

    • Helping you and your family/caregivers to understand the underlying reasons for the behavior you are demonstrating;

    • Modeling and/or coaching how to carry out interventions;

    • Monitoring and revising the behavior support plan as needed; and,

    • Completion of all required paperwork.

Behavior Support Services do not include the providing of therapy or counseling.


Behavior Support services are provided in the office of the Behavioral Specialist, your home, or in local public community environments. Lark encourages Behavioral Support services to occur in the place or places where you are experiencing difficult behaviors. The direct services of Behavioral Support are provided on a one-to-one basis.

Behavior Support may be provided to you at the same time as Advanced Supported Employment, Supported Employment, Community Participation Support or Small Group Employment if you need the service to maintain employment or to access the community.


Staff members who support the work of the Behavioral Specialist have special training in the collecting of data for and implementation of a behavior support plan. The Behavioral Specialist is a trained mental health professional with many years working with people with behavioral challenges. Our Behavioral Specialist holds a Masters of Education in Special Education (M.Ed.) and a Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Ph.D.) with concentrated coursework in Applied Behavior Analysis at the doctoral level.


Behavior Support is funded through Waiver Services (Base, Person/Family Directed Support Waiver, Consolidated Waiver, Community Living Waiver) or private pay.

For further information, please contact:

Wendy McCutcheon

Senior Director of Support Services

Office: 724-657-2001
Fax: 724-652-6538


Susan Lautenbacher, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer
Behavior Specialist

Office: 724-657-2001
Fax: 724-652-6538

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