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In Home and Community Support

Lark’s In Home and Community Support provides you with services in your home and in your community to assist you in acquiring, maintaining, and improving the skills needed to live in the community, to live more independently, and to enable you to participate in meaningful community life. Our services consist of assistance, support and guidance in the areas of self-care, health maintenance, decision making, home management, managing personal resources, communication, mobility and transportation, relationship development and socialization, personal adjustment, participating in community functions and activities and use of community resources. The type and amount of support you receive is determined through the assessment and person-centered planning process. The planning team, which you are a member of, will create a plan to enhance your independence, in line with your personal preferences in order to achieve your desired outcomes.


Lark’s program includes the following assistance, support and guidance as needed to enable you to:

  • Carry out activities of daily living such as personal grooming and hygiene, dressing, making meals, maintaining clean environment.

  • Learn and develop practices that promote health and wellness.

    • Nutritious meal planning

    • Exercise

    • Prescribed therapy exercises

    • Awareness and avoidance of risks, such as emergencies in the home and community (fire or injury), knowing how and when to seek assistance.

  • Manage your medical care including scheduling and attending medical appointments, filling prescriptions and self-administer medications, and keeping health logs and records.

  • Manage your mental health diagnosis and emotional well-being including self-management of emotions such as disappointment, frustration, anxiety, anger, and depression. Helping you to implement the following areas of your developed plan are also included:

    • Behavior support services

    • Crisis Intervention Support

    • Skill Building Support

  • Participate in the development and implementation of your service plan and to direct your person-centered planning process, including identifying who should attend and what your desired outcomes should be.

  • Manage your home, including locating a private home, arranging for utility services, paying bills, routine home maintenance, and home safety.

  • Achieve financial stability through helping you to understand how to manage personal resources, general banking and balancing accounts, record keeping and managing savings accounts and utilizing programs such as ABLE accounts.

  • Participate in your rights as a citizen by voting, serving on juries, attending public meetings, participating in community projects and events, serve on public and private boards, advisory groups, and commissions.

  • Participate in preferred activities of community life such as shopping, going to restaurants, museums, movies, concerts, dances and church activities.

  • Use all types of transportation including buses, trains, cab services, driving, joining car pools, etc.


In Home and Community Support can occur in your private home or other community setting. This service is not provided in a licensed setting or an unlicensed residential setting or camp. You are allowed to use this service to volunteer in a nursing facility or hospital or occasionally to visit a friend or family member in a licensed setting or unlicensed residential setting. This service can also be delivered to you in Pennsylvania and in states connecting to Pennsylvania.


Transportation is supplied by your In Home and Community Services staff. If the mileage needed to participate in a desired community activity is greater than 30 miles, it will be included in your service plan, the cost will be billed to your plan as a separate service.


In Home and Community Support staff members have specialized training in all aspects of providing this service in the home and the community. Staff members are highly trained in intellectual and developmental disabilities in order to provide a range of services to meet the specific needs of the individual.


Staffing may be done at the following levels:

  • 1:3

  • 1:2

  • 1:1

  • Enhanced 2:1 with a staff member who is certified, has a bachelor's degree or is a nurse.

  • 2:1

  • Enhanced 2:1 with a staff member who is certified, has a bachelor's degree or is a nurse and one staff member with at least a high school diploma.


In Home and Community Support is funded through Waiver Services (Base, Person/Family Directed Support Waiver, Consolidated Waiver, Community Living Waiver) or private pay.

For further information, please contact:

Wendy McCutcheon

Senior Director of Support Services

Office: 724-657-2001
Fax: 724-652-6538


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