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Manufacturing and Outsourcing Services

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Lark's Manufacturing and Outsourcing Services provide paid job training opportunities for people with disabilities while facilitating local business and industry in meeting their production demands. We apply best practices, Lean Manufacturing Techniques and quality management systems to solve challenging problems brought to us by our customers. Our organization is committed to providing the highest quality standards to all of our customers.


We assist with:




Are you struggling with capacity issues? Do you have a logjam in your supply chain? Lark can help you to coordinate your processes and activities to move your product from conceptualization, raw materials and/or components, into a finished product that can be delivered to the end customer. We provide value-added assembly and sub-assembly services that can integrate with your processes and procedures to whatever degree you deem necessary.


Packaging and Kitting Services


For some of our customers, the ability to pick and pack a variety of products, with a variety of SKUs, in multiple quantities on an individual order basis is integral to their business success. At Lark, we offer our customers the flexibility of this service with no change in order fulfillment times. From sourcing shipping cartons to determining the most efficient method for picking and packing these orders, Lark's packaging and kitting expertise provides you with flexibility and peace of mind.


Whether you are launching a new product and need to get pre-packaged promotional items shipped to widespread customers, or your clients include a chain of stores looking for standardized orders, Lark's packaging and kitting services allow you to efficiently pick and pack your shipments perfectly.


Lark offers different types of packaging:


  • Shrink wrapping Blister packs

  • Clam shell packaging

  • Heat sealing

  • Labeling

  • Inspecting/Sorting


Do you need help sorting or inspecting? The elimination of faulty parts from your production run can save your company lost time and revenue, and further assure the satisfaction of yourcustomers. Your customers will thank you for making us part of your manufacturing cycle, because when we inspect and sort your finished goods, your customers receive the quality they demand.


  • Mailers

  • Bulk Mailers

  • Sorting

  • Folding and Inserting

  • Collating

  • Stabling

  • Tabbing Labeling


Do you need help with an annual mailer, sorting by zip codes, organizing a mail campaign or delivery to post office? Lark has the capacity to support your business in direct mailing services, including advertising needs, promotional items, mass mailings, etc. No minimum order is required.

For further information, please contact:

Dave Freshcorn

Director of Production

Office: 724-658-5676
Fax: 724-658-6464

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