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Lark’s Pre-Employment Transition Services are intended to increase the employment rate of Students with disabilities.  Outcomes for adult employment are better for those individuals that have the opportunity to develop work skills during their teen years.  Pre-Employment Transition Services are preparatory services for students with disabilities.  Activities include identifying career interests, practicing and improving work skills and exploring postsecondary training opportunities in order to maximize your potential to enter competitive, integrated employment.  Intended Pre-Employment Transition Services outcomes include:

  • More opportunities for you to participate in community work experiences;

  • Additional ways for you to gain information about your interests, strengths, and areas of growth as they relate to employment;

  • Increased access to employment skills instruction; and

  • Increased knowledge of OVR services available to you upon graduation.

Group Services:

Instructional services provided by an instructor to two or more students, but no more than 25 students at one time.  These services are provided on the request of OVR and the local school district (Local Education Agency, LEA).

  • Self-Advocacy Training – group instruction for developing the skills to effectively communicate, convey, negotiate or assert your own interests and/or desires.

  • Independent Living Skills Instruction – group instruction for developing the skills needed to access and use community services and supports to increase self-reliance and self-confidence in the workplace.

  • Workplace Readiness Training – group instruction for developing the skills and behaviors needed to obtain and maintain competitive, integrated employment.

  • Job Exploration – group instruction that provides a variety of opportunities to gain information about careers, the skills needed for different jobs, and to discover your personal career interests.

  • Group Shadowing – an onsite experience at an integrated community worksite with a group of students to observe work being done, to learn from people currently practicing in an occupation and to explore areas of vocational interest.

  • Travel Training – group instruction on how to navigate transportation in your local community.

Individual Services:

  • Job Shadowing – onsite experience at a community workplace that allows you to observe work being done, learn from people currently practicing in an occupation, and to explore areas of vocational interest.

  • Identification – staff will assist you in obtaining a PA state ID or replacement card.

  • Community Work Instruction (CWI) – allows you and other students to do real work at the same integrated community worksite to connect school experiences to real-life work activities and future career opportunities. May include:

    • After-school opportunities

    • Temporary jobs

    • Summer jobs

    • Experiences outside the traditional school setting; and, or

    • Internships that may or may not match your long-term employment goal.

  • Work Based Learning Experience (WBLE) – allows you to do real work at a community integrated worksite to connect school experiences to real-life work activities and future career opportunities. Your WBLE will be provided in a community, integrated work setting where you will have the ability to interact with other employees and customers with and without disabilities and may include in-school or after-school opportunities, summer jobs, experiences outside the traditional school setting, and/or internships.  A WBLE includes 20 hours of job development and an average of 90 hours of direct job support.  You will earn an hourly wage for work performed during the WBLE.


Pre-Employment Transition Services is provided in the following settings:

  • In a local school district.

  • In community locations.

  • In competitive, integrated businesses.


Pre-Employment Transition Staff are expected to instruct students and set goals to help you to acquire work skills.  The staff are responsible for checking on your progress and providing support at work sites.  Staff have knowledge of:

  • Effective practices for working with students;

  • Creating relationships with community employers;

  • Matching students with work opportunities;

  • Identifying and arranging workplace supports for you, as needed; and

  • Collaborating with multiple partners, including your teachers and your parents to ensure a good experience.


Pre-Employment Transition Services are funded through the United States Department of Labor and Industry, the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR). School districts may contract directly with Lark Enterprises for a school to work experience under pre-employment transition services.

For further information, please contact:

Wendy McCutcheon

Senior Director of Support Services

Office: 724-657-2001
Fax: 724-652-6538


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