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Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell began his career at Lark in 1984. Scott has worked his way up in the organization beginning as a floor supervisor in the wood refinishing department. Scott’s dedication to the people we support has seen him through 32 years of service. Scott left Lark in the late 1980’s for two years to pursue other for-profit endeavors. His love for Lark and the work that we do brought him quickly back to the organization. Scott’s knowledge and dedication has led to a director’s position that calls upon Scott to meet the needs of the organization in a variety of areas. Scott’s knowledge of the physical structures needed to support our mission and his background in safety initiatives places these critical aspects in his domain. Additionally, Scott’s background as a direct support professional has made him the ideal individual to lead our initiatives in small group employment.

Scott not only knows the individuals in such a way that he is able to quickly assess supports for success, Scott knows the communities in which we provide services to a degree that allows him to reach out for those supports when necessary. Scott has ensured the success of our people in the providing of janitorial services, as well as the staffing of two Photo ID Centers. Scott was instrumental in the early years of enclaves in local businesses, which serves as the foundation for our Small Group Employment initiatives. Lark currently runs Small Group Employment initiatives in the areas of janitorial services, staffing, auto detailing, recycling, delivery services and Photo ID Centers for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Scott has also served on the Board of Directors for UniqueSource, our state set-aside organization. Scott served on the board for over 18 years and was board chairman for two years. Scott is highly trained in the area of wage and hour under the United States Department of Labor. Scott’s knowledge of the Fair Labor Standards Act has guided Lark as we have moved forward to support individuals to have an “everyday life” in the area of employment.

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