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Wendy McCutcheon

Wendy McCutcheon has come full circle in her career. Wendy holds the position of Senior Director of Support Services here at Lark where she supports individuals to meet success in our full range of employment and social development services. Wendy began her career in the social services field after graduating Westminster College with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She then left the field to spend 19 years running a staffing agency. This combination of skills has made her the ideal person to support our individuals in both the world of work and social engagement. Wendy knows all that it takes in today’s world to find and successfully keep employment.

Moreover, Wendy knows intimately the support needs found within social services. Wendy began her career here at Lark in 2011 as the Home and Community Habilitation Supervisor (now the In Home and Community Support program). In 2012, Wendy was promoted to the position of Rehabilitation Services Unit Director. In this role Wendy was responsible for the quality and care for all individuals being served in our facility-based programs. Wendy guided her staff in developing facility-based services that opened the door for our transformation towards a more community-based focus. At that time, we brought all of our social services offerings under Wendy, so that we would have continuity in our mission “helping individuals to become self-reliant and integrated in the community through greater independence, choice and opportunity.”

Wendy’s successful integration of the “everyday lives” mandates of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Office of Developmental Programs has led to her current position of Senior Director of Operations. In this role Wendy ensures that all of our programming remains focused on supporting individuals to become fully integrated in the community of their choice. Under Wendy, Lark’s focus has evolved from one centered on the facility to one that incorporates the many ways in which we all function in our “everyday lives.”

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